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Alarm Management

An effective alarm management program needs to be supported by well-defined organizational procedures and responsibilities and good alarm system design. Are you experiencing too many or unmeaningful alarms? A high or increasing number of process trips? Or having no clear alarm philosophy or engineering guidelines? With our consulting services we help our clients to define, implement and improve existing alarm management programs.

LC’s alarm management services delivers business benefits in the following areas: 

  • Reduction of unplanned plant downtime and lost production

  • Increased operator productivity

  • Improved safety performance and reduction of environmental and/ or regulatory incidents

  • Improvement of plant reliability and lifetime of equipment and  assets

  • Execution excellence of engineering, operating and maintenance  in alarm management processes and procedures


A widespread issue in the process industry is alarm overload of the control room operators. Poor alarm system design or an ineffective alarm management practices may lead to an excessive number of alarms. As a result, control room operator may fail proper alarm response leading to process trips, plant outages and possible dangerous safety and environmental incidents. 

An effective alarm management program is therefore crucial for every process plant and will deliver business benefits in the area of plant uptime, increased operator productivity, improved safety performance and plant reliability. 

Our alarm management services help define, implement and improve existing alarm management programs. We provide alarm management services based on the international standards such as IEC 62682/ISA-18.2 and EEMUA 191. Serving different process industries, we offer services in the complete alarm management lifecycle. 

Alarm management audit
An assessment of current alarm management practices, system design and organizational procedures will help our clients to identify key areas of improvement. Our alarm management audit is an ideal starting point for setting up a new alarm management program or improving an existing / running alarm management program at your plant. 

Alarm philosophy development
Defining an alarm management philosophy document is the foundation of an effective alarm management program. It serves as guideline to establish the alarm definitions, design principles, operational procedures and responsibilities for all steps in the alarm management lifecycle. We help our clients with the development and improvement of their alarm philosophy in line with the best practices and requirements of the alarm management standards. 

Alarm system KPI performance reporting
Periodic monitoring and assessment of alarm system performance is crucial in reducing the alarm load to operators. With our KPI performance reports we can assist our clients to analyse alarm system data, benchmarking alarm system performance, identify bad actors and identify areas for improvements.


Alarm rationalisation
Alarm rationalisation is the process of systematically reviewing the existing alarms to make sure that only meaningful and relevant alarms are annunciated to the operator. Typically, this process is done by reviewing the alarms against the requirements of the alarm philosophy. 

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